OJSC AGAT - Control Systems
Automatic Control System for armed forces and armament
Creation of automated control systems by applying the latest info technologies
Communication systems
Arrangement of the robust communication in all units of the Armed Forces
Robotized platforms
Solving of challenging tasks on the terrain reconnaissance
Info countermeasures technology
Provision of the info security for top important facilities
Automation in the transport domain
Creation of intelligent control and monitoring systems to ensure road safety
Automation in the energy domain
Integrated solutions for accounting and control of energy resources at power facilities

About the Company

OJSC AGAT Control Systems Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding is one of the leaders in Belarus in the field of automated control systems for various applications, hardware-software packages, communication and data transmission equipment, computing equipment, and instrumentation. Here you will find information about activities of the company, its products and services.


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